The thought of writing doesn't need to make you cringe.

At Thread, our journalists and writers help organisations with their marketing, and we love what we do.

But this bespoke price point is inaccessible to many small businesses.  We don't like being inaccessible. As a certified B Corp, we believe that business should be fair and available to everyone. 

So, we've created a set of streamlined digital products to empower business owners who hate writing. 

Is that you? Read on.

First, who are you?

a) you run a small business or start-up (or work for someone who does)

b) you have a draft document (or ten) that you can't stand to look at anymore, and they STILL aren't quite right...argh.

c) you know your website needs rewriting, urgh. You know you need to write more blogs. And yes, the monthly newsletter is due out next week. But you know you also have a gazillion other things that need doing NOW! 

d) you want quick advice from Australia's leading content experts to steer you in the right direction, at small business prices. Anytime, whenever you need it.

Meet your personal content advisors

If you are nodding at the above list, then meet your personal content advisors, then read our client testimonials here - if you scroll down a little.

Say, what?

Just email your draft document or entire website onto us and we will feedback our ideas, suggested angles and wording concepts to steer you onwards.  Or we will rewrite the whole thing for you – all the service options are listed in our packages.

Think of us as your personal content coach in the background, it can be our little secret.

Sound good? Our packages all extend to any type of content  - websites, eDMs, case studies, brochures, business reports, media releases, blogs, you name it. 

Happy searching.

How it works
Step 1: Choose your product from the below choices at the bottom of this page.
Step 2: Make your online payment. 
Step 3: Email your document or website to 
Step 4: Wait. Tick tock.
Step 5: Our words and ideas will be in your inbox within 48 hours. 
Step 6: Weight. Shoulders. Lifted. Now go and do something you enjoy.
Psst....a note on shipping......
When you check out, this platform asks for shipping address. Until integrated platforms figure out a better solution, we have automatically put all shipping down as 'free', since our only delivery service is done via email. So just humour the platform and add your address when you get to this part (or add any address really, since we won't use it ever).