$20 add-on tokens

$20 add-on tokens

Regular price $20.00

If your chosen package exceeds the stated word limit, then this is where you can purchase your add-on tokens. This purchase is automatically tracked back to your original package purchase, so there is nothing else for you to do once you have done this :) 

For example:

The rewrite package is available at $150 per 800 words submitted, and we charge $20 per 100 additional words beyond this. 

So if your document or web page was 1000 words, you would simply purchase two $20 tokens to cover the additional 200 words.

Or if you have ordered some audio feedback, it's $20 per every 1000 words after the original purchase price which covers the first 1500 words.


Want more explanation?

For the rewrite service which covers the first 800 words:-

If your document is 1280 words = 5 x $20 tokens, as the document is 480 words above 800

If your document is 1230 words = 4 x $20 tokens, as the document is 430 words above 800

Or for the audio feedback service:

$20 tokens cover 1000 words in this instance. So if the final 1000 words on the document you send over are below 500, don't worry about buying a token - we'll cover it. But if your final 1000 words are above 500, then purchase another token.

If your document is 2360 words = Buy one $20 token as you are 860 words above the original purchase price / first 1500 words.

If your document is 1900 words = We'll cover this as you are only 400 words above the original purchase price / first 1500 words.