Proofreading Plus (plus, plus, plus...)

Proofreading Plus (plus, plus, plus...)

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There are proofreaders, and then there are proofreaders. If you don't want an online robot to proofread your work, hand it to us with confidence. What you get is not just a cursory 'typo check'; but clever edits, cross-referencing and fact-checking that can completely transform your document.

Full confession: our proofreader has a degree in applied mathematics. Attention to detail doesn't even come close. Thread's corporate clients are crestfallen when he goes on holiday. 

To get started:

Step 1: Buy this product.
Step 2: Make your online payment. 
Step 3: Email your document or website to 
Step 4: Wait. Tick tock.
Step 5: The proofread document will be in your inbox within 48 hours. 
Step 6: Weight. Shoulders. Lifted. Now go and do something you enjoy.
  • When you check out, it asks for shipping address. Until these integrated platforms figure out a better solution, we have put your shipping down as 'free'. Just humour the platform and add your address (or any address really, since we won't use it ever).
  • Don't forget to put the name of your chosen package in the subject header.
  • If you're sending a draft document on, please add your company website URL into your email (so we can stalk you for more background if needed).


The not-so fine print:
          • This offer extends to any type of business or marketing content below 1500 words / 3 A4 typed pages, except websites which can be any size.
          • If you have more than this, just multiply the number of purchases to reflect the size of your document. The report turnaround will accordingly increase in response time and duration. 
          • As with all our products, full confidentiality is assured, and we are happy to sign NDAs, just add it to your email. As a practising B Corp, we take this very seriously.
          • This service is not available on weekends EST. This is precious family time for us all.