Rewrite my content

Rewrite my content

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You believe in magic. So do we. Give us your rough draft (or current website) and hey presto, we will rewrite it for you! 

It's a little like those home makeover shows, where you stand back and gasp when you see the finished product (except that there is no 'big reveal' filmed, though if you would like to endorse us on camera feel free to do so.)

To get started:

Step 1: Buy this product  - charged at $150 per 800 words you send over.
Step 2: Make your online payment by referring to the 'Payscale Guide' below - you'll see how pricing works in more detail here.
Step 3: Email your draft document or current website in Microsoft Word to
N.B. If it is a website we are rewriting, just copy and paste the text to a word document, no need to worry about formatting too much.
In your email briefly tell us:-
a) what medium will this document be published in? e.g. on a website, in a brochure, a newsletter, for a business report etc
b) what style of writing you want. In a sentence or less - corporate, formal, funny, sales tone, conversational, personable, etc. 
c) who are we talking to in this copy? 
d) what is one thing you wish more people understood about your business (or you as a person, if we are writing a bio)?
e) what are the readers' top three challenges and how do you solve their problems?
f) what is your website? (if it's not your website we're rewriting)
g) what is the website of your biggest competitor?
h) what is the single biggest way your products or services (or customer experience) differs to your competitor?
i) is there anything else you would like to clarify before we start?
Step 4: Wait. Tick tock.
Step 5: Our words and ideas will be in your inbox within 48 hours. 
Step 6: Weight. Shoulders. Lifted. Now go and do something you enjoy.
Payscale Guide:
      • If your original document is above 800 words, simply add on $20 for every additional 100 words - rounded up or down, depending on whether your final 100 words are above or below 50.
      • You can purchase as many $20 add-on tokens as you need here. Just make the base payment of $150 now, then head to this link to add as many $20 tokens on as needed.  The system automatically knows to connect your $20 tokens to your original product purchase, so no need to worry there.
The not-so fine print:
When you check out, it asks for shipping address. Until these integrated platforms figure out a better solution, we have put your shipping down as 'free'. Just humour the platform and add your address (or any address really, since we won't use it ever).
- This offer extends to any type of business or marketing content below 800 words / 1.5 A4 typed pages (or web pages with a combined 800 words on it). If you have more than this, just refer to the payscale guide above.
- As with all our products, full confidentiality is assured, and we are happy to sign NDAs, just add it to your email. As a practising B Corp, we take this very seriously.
- The rewrite package applies to word documents only. So if you have a website or PDF, just copy and paste the text into a word document before sending it to us. Don't worry about formatting it or anything fancy.
- Design is not included.
- This service is not available on weekends EST. This is precious family time  :)

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