Transcript of audio brainstorm (add-on package)

Transcript of audio brainstorm (add-on package)

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Want a typed record of the audio brainstorm? So would we. Uh-huh, information overload.

Get your transcript here. Great for onward sharing with colleagues, and your future reference.

N.B.The transcript will be sent up to 3 days after you receive the audio recording. We type quickly, but not that quickly.

To get started:

Step 1: Buy this product at the same time as the audio brainstorm.
Step 2: Make your online payment. 
Step 3: Email your document or website to 
Step 4: Wait. Tick tock. 
Step 5: Our words and ideas will be in your inbox within 12-24 hours via the audio recording. The typed transcript will wing its way to you soon after.
Step 6: Weight. Shoulders. Lifted. Now go and do something you enjoy.
  • When you check out, it asks for shipping address. Until these integrated platforms figure out a better solution, we have put your shipping down as 'free'. Just humour the platform and add your address (or any address really, since we won't use it ever).
  • Don't forget to put the name of your chosen packages in the subject header.
  • If you're sending a draft document on, please add your company website URL into your email (so we can stalk you for more background if needed).


The not-so fine print:
        • This offer extends to any type of business or marketing content that is sent on for an audio recording. The document for review should be below 1500 words / 3 A4 typed pages, except websites which can be any size.
        • If you have more than this, just multiply the number of purchases to reflect the size of your document. The transcript will accordingly increase in response time and duration. 
        • This purchase must be made at the same time as the purchase of the audio recording.
        • As with all our products, full confidentiality is assured, and we are happy to sign NDAs, just add it to your email. As a practising B Corp, we take this very seriously.
        • This service is not available on weekends EST. This is precious family time for us all.